Thursday, November 21, 2013

Point Reyes

   Point Reyes is a town about an hour north of San Francisco. 

    In Point Reyes there is something called the National Seashore which is high up in elevation and possesses a light house and a panoramic view of the ocean. Sign me up, right? Pretty sure that is exactly where I'm looking to go.

      Nothing prepared me for the beauty I was about to face. The little touristy town is so small, "beachy" and secluded, that it alone was an interesting experience. There is such a simplicity that is lost when living in the city.

    In order to get to the National Seashore you have to drive about twenty miles up- which feels like forever over plows and plows of land filled with cows. There comes a point where you're likeeeeee, "Hoookaiii... where the fuck am I goingggg?!"

    But when you finally reach the site.... ohhh myyy gawwwwww. I must admit, at first I was quite frightened because the winds were blowing harder then anything I've ever experienced (you had to shout to be heard), there wasn't a soul that could be spotted anywhere and I was so high up I could literally touch the clouds. My nerves were at an all time high.

    Continuing to walk behind a rusty gate and trusting that I was going to find something, I kept heading on foot which seemed like another 5 miles in the freezing cold. I finally made it to the lighthouse and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. The sound of the wind was replaced by waves crashing and an entire view of the ocean. I can't even describe it. When I would look left there was nothing but water that would never end. When I would look right there was nothing but water that would never end. It was absolutely stunning and breath taking.  
     Finally the cold got the best of me and I had to leave, but if you are near San Francisco, if you don't check it out you will be making a mistake. There's nothing that can knock you off your feet and remind you how human you are- how much more there is to life- than a scene like that.


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