Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It started among a beautiful scenery
Waking up to the sun and the sound of the river
Whiskey lips
Dirt ridden finger tips
And there were stars
Oh we're there stars
Cheap beers and fancy hotel rooms
Unspoken truths covered up by mumbled politeness in between polyester sheets
Taking upon different shapes and waves
Telling stories that aren't theirs to tell
Blinded by the fact that he had a story of stars waves and patterns all along

Open the door for me
Let me in
Let me out
Late night cuisine with washed out celebrities dining with their own toys
Surrounded by hills filled with the insane and the frantic anxiously awaiting phone calls

Time passes as I sit and smoke cigarettes in lingerie
They collect dust  and hang off of lingering memories
And for the last time I let him violate me
Offering up a sacrifice
Or what's left at least

Five  o'clock shadows
Two strangers pass
Each sharing a salad with another dressed in bad conversation

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