Tuesday, December 3, 2013

       I'm coming upon the end of my trip and I think I'm ready to go back to LA. There is a part of me that misses it, and I am ready to take everything I've learned and apply it to my life in Los Angeles. I've learned to be in tune with my emotions and not hide from them. I've created a light and a passion for myself that was slowly dimming while being stuck in the same routine. I left with a broken heart and I'm coming back with a lust for life and a recharged battery.
      Although I know things will still be thrown my way I feel like I can battle them now with a positivity and a happiness I didn't want to lose. I realized I will be open but careful about the people I let into my life and never settle for someone who doesn't fully appreciate me or want to be with me. I am unafraid to want love and want someone who isn't afraid of the same things. I never want to let anyone in who views the world in a negative way.
    Among all things, I want to stay kind and understanding with others. I want people to feel nothing but acceptance and happiness when around me. But I won't chase anyone. There is no point in wasting my time and I will hold the door open for them to walk out of my life. But most importantly, I take responsibility for the mistakes I've made and I don't regret in the things I've done to create who I am today. I forgive myself.
      On a lighter note, I became a vegetarian while here and found a total love for natural products. I also decided I'm going to tie up loose ends in LA and move to Seattle when the time is right. Everyone was so kind there.
      Time for a beautiful journey home. Until then.....

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